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Why should you have a web site?
  • To sell or create awareness of your product, message or group
  • Comparatively, it is a very low-cost way of advertising
  • To reach an international audience
  • To keep clients, members informed
Why should Art by Ali Cat design it?
  • Original art, never duplicated!
  • Competitive prices
  • Personal attention
  • Fast service
  • 7 years experience
  • Long term commitment

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pic1.gif (7578 bytes)Art by Ali Cat specializes in creative web page designs, computer graphics and graphic art for small organizations, churches and individuals.

We bring to this challenge skills in three vital dimensions: technology, writing and editing, and art. If you are searching for imaginative designs that are created with you in mind, then Art by Ali Cat is for you!

pic2.gif (8028 bytes)Consider using Art by Ali Cat if you want to make your presence known on the World Wide Web or if you have an existing web page that needs to be fine-tuned or promoted with a banner ad. We can also design and/or write your brochures, bulletins and flyers. We design logos too!

Our Services
Banner Design:
  • Original banner design to promote your web site
  • Submission to banner exchange program of your choice

Logo Design:

  • Original logo design for use on your web page, brochures, bulletins, etc

Web Art:

  • Original buttons, backgrounds, dividers, icons and animations to use on your web site

Web Page Design:

  • In-person, telephone or e-mail consultation
  • Scanning of photographs and/or graphic images
  • Web search of similar products/services to avoid duplication
  • Original design and Layout of up to four pages with original graphics
  • Procurement of site "extras" (guestbooks, forums, counters)
  • Fine-tuning of site for up to 3 months

Web Page Extras:

  • Five or more pages
  • Writing and/or text editing
  • Obtaining a Web host
  • Obtaining a domain name (InternNic registration fee applies)
  • Submission of site to major search engines
  • Submission for membership in "Link Exchange" or "Banner Exchange"
No Obligation!
If you would like to consult with us to discuss your needs please e-mail us to arrange a meeting (in-person, telephone or e-mail)
Getting Started
logodrop.gif (18757 bytes)If you have decided you want a web page and don't know how to start, here are some basic suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

Gather together the text, photos, and graphics you want included on your page and separate your information into categories to get any idea of how many pages you will want on your site. Keep in mind that your site should be simple, unique, attractively presented and load quickly (under a minute).

Make note of your preferred color scheme, if you have one, or you may consult with your web page designer for suggestions.

Decide what "extras" you would like included on your site. Would you like a guestbook, a counter, an interactive form?

Write up your text and proof-read it for grammar and clarity. If you need help in writing your copy, we can help you.

You may want to secure a "domain name", a site name that is unique to you ( or, we can secure one for you.

If you don't have one, you will have to find a "host" for your site. There are many services that will host your site for free (in exchange for banner ad) or you can use a pay service. Prices start at $5.00 a month. We can go over the options with you and help you decide which service suit your needs. 

Your files with then be uploaded to the ftp (file transfer protocol) site provided by your web host.

If you want others to find you when searching, considering having us submit your site to the various search engines.

You may also want to consider advertising your site using banner or link exchange.

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